SUMBA is Ready to Launch with the Reopening of Amusement Centers Across the World!

As trampoline parks, adventure parks, and entertainment centers are reopening post COVID-19 and welcoming back their customers, we at SUMBA have been looking at ways that we can assist in this process and provide some of the fundamental tools you may need to effectively meet the changing needs for the safety and well-being of your staff and patrons. 

How We Can Help


Utilizing our operations and maintenance platform, we are able to provide a comprehensive and verifiable checklist for your cleaning and sanitation processes. We continue to monitor the CDC guidelines to keep our checklist up-to-date, and can incorporate any re-opening guidelines specific to your state or local requirements, as well as best practices that we are seeing in the industry.


As an example, below are some of the High Touch Point Surfaces that were noted in the recent 'Best Practices for the Industry' guide developed by Betson Enterprises for those with arcades on premise. Operators are  recommended to clean these areas on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis.

Buttons, Control Panels, Dart Boards, Joysticks, Keypads, Touchscreens, Trackballs, and other surfaces such as game balls, devices for game play, tokens, etc.


During this time of isolation, SUMBA's developers have been working on our E-Learning Portal that allows for the training, testing and continuing education for all of your new hires and re-hires. We recognize that turnover is high within the entertainment industry in general. Unfortunately, many of our customers have informed us that they have lost a significant portion of their staff due to the COVID-19 shutdown. Our platform was developed to ensure that your staff receives proper training, certification and testing based on your parks individual needs. We can quickly upload your training and testing content or, we can assist you with our full stock of training and testing procedures.  


SUMBA continues to be a leader and innovator in evaluating potential risks facing your facility. Our platform takes away the need for cumbersome paper reporting and is able to mitigate identifiable risks in all of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspections and maintenance. 

Record Keeping and Reporting

Information that is accessible and readily available is key when having to report to your state and local agencies or insurance providers. We make it simple and verifiable. Our SUMBA platform can record and track all staff training, incident reporting, service schedules, inspections, maintenance and more. 

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