Maximize Cost Savings

Sumba can maximize your savings and provide a tremendous return on investment in a multitude of ways.

“After learning more about the SUMBA platform and its features, we believe this will provide deep and immediate benefit to amusement operators. As amusement industry insurance and risk management professionals, we view the use of this app worthy of Best in Class for operators interested in streamlining their documentation, increasing the QC of their operational inspections, maintenance and safety. Our program underwriters and administrators will acknowledge the use of this tool by operators in order to provide program qualification, underwriting credits and preferred pricing. “ Quoted by, Doug Flora Haas & Wilkerson Insurance

Insurers are positive they will be able to provide a positive credit, Insurance speak for a premium reduction, for using Sumba when a customer applies for annual renewal on their General Liability Policy for their facility. Avg. annual policy of $100,000/year. Avg. positive credit discount of 5%= $5,000 savings after year one just for using Sumba to record all of your inspections. This is all based on the insurers vetting the iron-clad inspection process built by SUMBA. At an average of $1,800 for the inspection module, or $4,200 for inspection and E-learning, you are still making money after the first year in insurance savings alone.

Using Sumba to train your entire staff with the E-learning module generates exceptional direct cost savings. Saving several hours per employee, and several hours of a manager’s time by using the efficient E-Learning module set up and customized by the Sumba Squad just for you costs $2400/year. Save 2 hours in labor for the manager=$40 and 2 hours in employee labor= $20 per trainee. For a total savings of $60 per employee trained with Sumba at a minimum. If you train 40 employees, Sumba pays for itself. Train more than that and you are putting money in your pocket.

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